How can you offset emissions and win at the same time?

1 / Who makes his/her donation so that we can plant trees in his/her name is already offsets emissions. He/She has the personal satisfaction of being next to the solution. You are doing your part!

2º / Who offsets emissions activates an environmental gain. The silent work of the trees diminish the effects of Climate Change, allowing better living conditions for all beings that inhabit the planet, and for future generations too.

3º / Who offsets emissions has an added gain. You are getting a Treeplus Ecocertificate. This ecocertificate is a real, useful and transparent tool in this problem that concerns all of us.

What is Treeplus?

A – The Treeplus Ecocertificate is a public recognition that certifies the contribution for reforestation, with an identifying image for having compensated your Carbon Footprint.

B – It is an encrypted code with an economic and social value. There is a limited amount of Treeplus Ecocertificates. During the year 2018, 10 million Treeplus Ecocertificates will be put into circulation to help offset the 30,000 millions tons of CO2 that are emitted each year into the atmosphere.

C – During the year 2018, with a donation of 10 Euros, two trees will be planted and a Treeplus Ecocertificate will be delivered to the donor.

D – From 2018 to 2033, 100 million Treeplus Ecocertificates will be issued. This is the total amount of them.




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